Services at Praxis am Stubenring

In our clinic it is very important to us, to cultivate a relaxed atmosphere, to take time to listen carefully and to offer a multidisciplinary, tailor-made diagnostic and therapeutic concept out of various medical specialties – also including alternative medicine – according to your medical needs and after the latest international guidelines. Appointments for consultations, house visits and admissions in the hospitals, we collaborate with, can be offered every day.

All doctors and therapists speak German and English fluently. If required and for your comfort, interpreters for other languages can be organized.

Team of Specialists in the clinic:

Team of Specialists consulting at Praxis am Stubenring:

32 disciplines out of the main medical fields.

Medical Checkup:

Information on Medical Checkups at Praxis am Stubenring

  • Assessment of your individual medical risk factors (age, life style, family history)
  • Body fat measurement with BIA analysis
  • Blood pressure, ECG
  • Blood work
  • Complete physical exam
  • Ultrasound, Chest x-ray, if needed
  • Other exams depending on risk factors and findings
  • Final meeting with discussion of parameters and individual recommendations

Specializations: Gentle endoscopy, IBS, GERD, thyroid gland, hernia repair, hemorrhoid

We make sure that you stay healthy, fit and vital. So you can enjoy your life longer actively!